“CATS AGAINST CAT CALLING”-COMPILATION w/ Riot Grrrl Berlin and more – English Call

HollaBack!BLN is about to rock!

We are teaming up with the uber-fabolous Riot Grrrl Berlin for their next compilation


Deadline is APRIL 15th, 2013 – 5pm berlin time

PLEASE READ THE “HOW TO SUBMIT” info text!!! and spread the word ♥

************************** *****
all grrrl/femmes/ladies/women/lesbian/trans*/ intersex* (define yourself!!!)-bands/acts
please send »>ONE MP3«< (NO wave, flacc, ogg, aiff, m4a…!!! and just ONE!!!) to

»>deadline for compilation APRIL 15th, 2013 – 5pm berlin time«<
**** include following infos: (important!!!)***

name of the band:
name of the song: 
(just send one song!!!-don’t send infos/pdf files/tourdates/covers… !!!)
where are you from? (City/Country)
(max.!!!) 2 links to your webpages:

please name yr files correctly!!
like this: Band Name-Song Name.mp3
NOT like this: 04. l1ve rec0rding fRom 5.august.2011.mp3

50% GRRRLS* at the instruments!!! 


* it doesn’t matter what kind of music you do or how (un)professional it is, it’s all welcome!!!
(okay aside from sexist, homo/trans* phobic, racist, anti-semitic… etc crap of course)
WE ARE NOT JUST LOOKING FOR PUNK/ROCK BANDS! so don’t be shy if you do music
that is not”classical riot grrrl music”. WE WANT TO SUPPORT ALL THE LADYS HERE!!!

* please just submit music of YOUR OWN BAND

cover songs are okay, spoken word is okay, live versions are okay… nearly everything
you want

* please make sure you REALLY want to submit your song. if the package is online there is
no way back.

* by sending your song to us, you automatically give us the permission/rights, to include
it to the compilation!!! (again:) we can’t change the finished sampler after it went online!!!

* please invite your friends- blog, and/or share this page on your wall (or at “bands you
like” walls) – this can be just as good as we all help to make it big!!

* also you can send us cover art or flyers for the compilation!!!
Please make sure that there aren’t just white, skinny, “beautyful”… CIS grrrls out there.
we are choosing the best cover and we will feature the artists homepage!!

the best chances your cover gets selected:
* it has a title (motto of the compilation)
* it features the number of the next compilation
* it comes in high resolution

* (repeat:) we are NOT looking for cis boy bands with a female singer for the compilation!
we are looking for bands/projects/acts where grrrls/ladys/women/trans* PLAY THE
 »>minimum 50% ladyz with intruments!!!«<

* all songs will be zipped in a “rar file” with cover art, info sheet and fliers and will be down-
loadable worldwide for free!!!

* we will not change the files we get -except we will tag the compilation name/ pic in it and
rename them (if needed-Band Name-Song Name.mp3)… but we won’t master or adapt
 or anything. so some songs might be louder as others… (hey, it’s a FREE collection
of the coolest bands, right?!)
also some will have a better compression rate, others just low ones… we want to leave this
decisions to the bands/acts. we don’t want to intervene…!

* there will be no official playlist! the order will be alphabetical and listeners can shuffle or
just listen like they want.

* please tag the songs on last.fm for example!!! (riot grrrl, female musicians, cool feminists…)

* we will do this compilation every few monthsyou can participate as often as you want
(but just one different song per compilation)

* if you have any more questions, please ask us!!! (riotgrrrlberlin-AT-gmail. com )

please just send ONE MP3! we won’t take anything else!

if your mail provider won’t let you send big files, please use something like www.yousendit.com
or www.filemail.com. if you wanna use a dropbox please send us a direct download link!
also: we won’t choose between the 10 songs of whole albums. that’s your

* we can’t answer all emails in detail… if we DON’T write back it means: your song will
be on the compilation!! (we try to send a short “thanks” anyway…)

we are looking forward to your songs!!
enjoy and let’s start the grrrl riot

rsvp facebook:
https://www.facebook.com/ events/108199912626694/
or become a gang member: 
https://www.facebook.com/ riotgrrrlberlin

http:// riotgrrrlberlin.tumblr.com/

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http:// megapeng.net

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